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Baby spinach, carrot ribbons, raw pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, brown rice with soy sauce, and a banana.

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As a novelist, Jane Austen dealt in the little things that loom momentous in the everyday routines of an ordinary life: preparations for an outing, the choice of partners at a dance, the chance for intrigue in a game of cards. What we know of her life is drawn to the same miniature scale: small facts and slender insights hoarded, vetted, and handed down by a protective family who memorialized and effaced their famous aunt in equal measure.
Kathryn Sutherland offers a glimpse into the professional life of Jane Austen, who was born today in 1775. (via oupacademic)
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Hello dear friends,

I have a Bachelor degree in Economic Cybernetics, but I can’t stop thinking about photography! :)

When I take photographs and/or work them in post production, I feel good, I feel myself, I am happy.

I am a self-taught photographer who tries to become a better one.

So I would be very honoured to be a Lensblr member!

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merry x mas guys

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oup books at book people (Austin, tx)

Spotted in the Wild! The Great Sea, What Hath God Wrought, Empire of Liberty, An Enemy We Created, Rome, and Holocaust all spotted at Book People in Austin, Texas. 

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